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Winter’s almost over, which can mean only one thing. It’s time to get ready for the big spring clean. The only thing is, cleaning can be such a yawn! Scrubbing, scraping, and scouring – it’s a world away from glitz and glamour. But inject a bit of energy into your work, and you can actually make cleaning a bit of fun. The secret is to turn up your favourite music and dance.

Seriously, try it! Dancing the dirt away not only makes time fly, but you’ll also have a blast while you’re doing it. It’s a trick I’ve been using for years and I thought everyone did the same. That was until I met my Husband, Max and was caught prancing around the house with a duster and newly discovered clothes from the back of my closet. He thought it was hilarious at first but now he joins in!

You see, in our house cleaning is something the whole family gets involved with. It’s a great way to divvy up the workload (even Willow gets involved… she loves tidy time!) and it means the job is done quicker. Now that Max is fully on board with the spring clean dance-off… we get to laugh as well as clean. I love his grooves and his crazy moves have me in stitches every time. It just goes to show, bringing fun to your work is everything!

As a professional dancer, I’m lucky that I get to bring my passion to work every day. But I truly believe it doesn’t matter what you do, having that sense of fun can transform any task. So when this multi-tasking mum is back in busy mode, the fun doesn’t stop and by dancing, I bring a touch of magic to even the most mundane activity. And that is always a win!

Now don’t get me wrong, Dancing as you clean isn’t quite the same as performing on stage to a crowd of 25,000 screaming fans. But close your eyes, use your imagination and it’s amazing where the music can take you. Before you know it you’ll be Can Canning through the kitchen and Body-Popping in the bathroom. Who knows, you may find out that you’re the next Beyoncé!

To help you get on board with my spring-cleaning cheat, I recently worked with Flash, Febreze, Fairy, and Viakal to create a new routine. These have been my staples since moving to the UK and I love the idea of helping you blow away the humdrum of housework with a good old dance as well. I can’t wait for you to see what we came up with. So click on the video and play. Check out the moves we came up with and if you want to add your own to the mix, share your routine at #DanceAsYouClean and together we can kick dirt to the curb!