Happy Birthday Willow!

I’ve been realizing a lot lately that not many people are interested in positive outlook fluff, Britain is more gritty than that. Britain has a backbone just like I have a backbone when I judge a Dance Competition. I have over 25 years experience in dance and Britain has Hundreds of Years of Experience in … Continue reading Happy Birthday Willow!

Goal Perspective

A short while ago I received some quite scathing criticism on twitter by someone in the public eye who claimed I should be ‘ashamed’ of myself for trying to keep fit as a new Mum because it puts way too much pressure on other Mum’s to follow suit. This upset me a great deal because … Continue reading Goal Perspective

I’m Fixed

I’m fixed!! After 13 years of living with what I thought was a broken toe that healed badly I finally found an answer to the aches and pains I had no idea I was looking for… After being dropped from a lift in rehearsal for The Winter Paralympics 2002 I heard a crack so loud … Continue reading I’m Fixed

Don’t Stop Dancing

I’ve been back in my judging seat this week filming a new show for CBBC called ‘Taking the Next Step’. I have been so inspired by the UK’s talented Dancers. I sit there in my high and mighty judging seat and scour the nation for the best talent there is to represent the UK when … Continue reading Don’t Stop Dancing

Rainy Days

You know you have reached a new stage in life when you scoff at litter being thrown down and people partying but not picking up after them. I’ve also realized what it means to be a dog lover and Mum in a city like London – it means you cherish your park/common and when a … Continue reading Rainy Days


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I can’t believe that it’s been TEN Years since I performed at the Teen Choice Awards with the Pussycat Dolls! It was one of our very first big performances and one that I think I’ll always remember! From my days dancing with the Pussycat Dolls I learned that a lot of people go to music … Continue reading Empowered

Happy Fairy

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I set out on a journey to figure out what Happiness is and discovered that it means a lot of different things to different people. Happiness is a matter of Perspective and knowing your perspective is the only way to make conscience choices towards a happier existence. Being a Wife and a working Mother that … Continue reading Happy Fairy


I feel so very fulfilled having spent time with family, traveling with Willow, husband finally coming home from New Zealand and having my first #mumonamission event! I tried out my sisters secret to dealing with stress, adult coloring books and it was a definite win! … and Jamie Oliver just favorited my tweet! Sqeee! 😁 … Continue reading #MumonaMission

The Joy in Food


I’m a Master Chef Champion and now get to dive into a very new adventure into the culinary arts. Family has become my biggest inspiration in life. The love I feel from my Family makes me want to go out and do great things. I did the same as a dancer but as a dancer … Continue reading The Joy in Food

Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015



I am so, so, so grateful to everyone that watched Master Chef and rooted me on. I have been on cloud nine ever since Winning last night. I celebrated in the best way I know how, spending time with people that I love and answering all the blissful messages I got in support all over … Continue reading Winner!