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Balance is Key


It’s so important to Play in Life. To find friends that you can laugh and be silly with – Relationships that support receiving AS WELL as giving. That ratio being even is the secret to success. Happiness lies somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Max and Willow


The same goes for my Career. I can’t spin around and around on the hamster wheel –> I need constant growth. I want to consistently get to know my best self then work on beating that and starting again. Life is meant to be Celebrated so I want to create as many Celebrations as I can.

Wedding and a Baby were the biggest Celebrations of this life so far. As much as I’ve accomplished as a dancer …being a Mum trumps all the Moonmen, Grammy Nominations, and Number Ones. As amazing as the Massive Concerts all around the World were –> it even beats that. Although performing in the Verona at an arena much like the Colisseum in Rome, does come a close second….lol. OH! and Performing in front of the Great Pyramids in Egypt….that was pretty cool too!

Willow and this life gives me a sense of worth and purpose I could never find anywhere else in this entire World.

…and that gives me something to Celebrate!

KW x

3 thoughts on “Balance is Key”

  • I totally agree! I’ve lost my way a few times and had to pick myself up and dust myself off, but the message is very important – BE YOURSELF, BE BETTER, BE STRONGER, KEEP GOING xxxxxx

    • Life is one big learning experience I think. The more times you fall and find the strength to get back up, brush it off and keep going the more you become the person you were meant to be. Thanks for the comment. xx

  • Hi Kim. Love the blog. It was great and I do believe about finding a balance in all things. As well as a growth progression. The family side will and should always be the strongest of these. It’s the foundation to so much. I feel like a broken record from old shares. Catch ya later – Sean (Lumpy,@WillyTsno7)

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