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Grandma Jane


This #mumonamission Blog is dedicated to my Grandma Jane. Everything I write is what I would have liked to say to her, especially now that I have my little girl Willow.

Kimberly and Willow

My Grandmother was my rock, my teacher, my tutor, and the one person in this World that always wanted to kiss me not once but 3 times each time she saw me. She would wait at the door each time I left and wait till we honked before she’d stop waving and only close the door and go back inside once the car was out of sight. Just one block away and just a creek separating our houses I found myself there a lot growing up.  Forever in my heart that wonderful woman will always live on.

My Grandmother was an amazing Woman. She taught me to love – to give freely – and to enjoy the Company of your loved ones. She was the rock – the strength and backbone of the family. Her believing in me meant that I had the support I needed to face the World as a dancer. The funds, costume making, and fundraising all started with her. I love my Grandmother very much –> I take her everywhere I go. She lives in everything I do.

8 thoughts on “Grandma Jane”

  • Grandma Jane will be so proud of you and baby willow! She will always be beside you?
    Sending lots of love

    • It’s people like you that have shared experiences and stories that have allowed me to become someone that I’m proud to be – someone I think my grandmother would be proud to see. thank you! xx

  • Grandma Jane would be so proud of you and the life you’ve created for yourself. From humble beginnings to mastering anything you’ve set your mind to – BM Fam are proud too! 🙂 lots of love to you three xxxxx

    • I sure have met a lot of amazing people like yourself along the way that have helped me become the person that I am by supporting, listening and responding. Thank you! xx

  • <3 Love so much my gradma too! <3 They are angels in our lives… Wish they were here with us forever …

  • Your grandmother would be so proud of you for how far you have come in your life she will always be in your heart and so will your fans! xo

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