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I feel so very fulfilled having spent time with family, traveling with Willow, husband finally coming home from New Zealand and having my first #mumonamission event!


I tried out my sisters secret to dealing with stress, adult coloring books and it was a definite win!

… and Jamie Oliver just favorited my tweet! Sqeee! ?

Holiday travels are over for now and although it’s back to being a working mum I couldn’t be more thankful for such an awesome year so far. The only thing that is slightly upsetting is that Willow has her first little cold. She’s having a hard time sleeping ’cause her nose is so stopped up. My poor baby needed extra cuddles through the night.

At the moment I’m at Nicky Clarke’s salon getting my hair touched up for the various upcoming shoots I have. It feels good to go places and be seen and referred to as the master chef champion! I think this is the closest I’ll come to being a World Cup winning footballer. ?

I am proud to say that I have trained my dog, Ty, a shar-pei crossbreed how to sit, give me his paw, lay down, high five, BANG (he lays on his side) and roll over! We’ve got perfecting to do but I’m discovering what an awesome dog our rescue is. Thank you RSPCA! I visited the Battersea Dogs Home not too long ago and got to see their facility and met this gorgeous doggy who met me with a hand/paw shake.

My first Mum on a Mission event with Kiddicare was yesterday and such an awesome success. It felt so good to have Mummy bloggers and journalists there with their kids and families all joining into a #mumonamission fitness class and Q&A. My biggest discovery is the need to get awareness out there about rehabbing your ab muscles after giving birth and working on your pelvic floor muscles. I know this was all new to me and I was lucky to be surrounded by experts teaching me these valuable lessons.

I hope I am able to get this message to as many as I can and sort of ‘return the favor.’ If any of my #mumonamission women are reading – thank you so much for such an awesome day! I hope you loved it as much as I did and it was so nice to meet your little ones! ???


Next adventure in my mission as a mummy is to develop ways to cook amazing clean food that tastes great, saves on time, and includes the little ones along the way. I think food can be the foundation that brings my family together and although the Mummy Juggle is intense – a #mumonamission can certainly find a way! ?