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Happy Fairy

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I set out on a journey to figure out what Happiness is and discovered that it means a lot of different things to different people. Happiness is a matter of Perspective and knowing your perspective is the only way to make conscience choices towards a happier existence. Being a Wife and a working Mother that makes a living doing things that push me to grow and evolve into someone I am excited to be whilst surrounding myself with people I enjoy being around have been the absolute key to my genuine smile.


fairy-2It took a lot of turmoil to get here. I had to be brave enough to say no to things and people that no longer served my happy ambition and the courage to walk away trusting that a new path would unveil itself was heavy and sometimes felt almost impossible.

As a young girl I dreamed of finding my Prince Charming. Turns out he was an entire ocean away, living in a far away country. Thank goodness I had the guts to go find him. If I had listened to my fears of trying new things, moving to new places, and meeting new people then I simply wouldn’t be here. I discovered bravery through dance. I discovered a Warrior that was never willing to stop fighting negative emotions through movement.

fairy-3Finding Love allowed me to become a different sort of Warrior. I was able to put the sword down and focus on being a Wellbeing Warrior of sorts. I fight the good fight and find solace in the comfort of my family.

After Max and I married we left the country as newlyweds and came back as expecting parents!

Now I’m a Mum.

I’m a Mom.

I’m Both!

Yes, I will admit that I am an Anglophile. I love England and I have learned and acquired so much by living and working in this beautiful country. From Park Days in the Sun, Rainy days cozied by a fire to Sunday Roasts and Victorian Sponge Cake, this Country has ownership over a very large piece of my heart. Now our little Willow gets to grow up here and explore a life I can’t imagine. It’s interesting to not have any idea what it’s going to be like for her. I know what it’s like to grow up in Warrensburg, Missouri… No idea what it’s like in England!

fairy-5Judging from what I discovered being a judge on Got to Dance for 5 years, traveling the country searching for the best dance talent in all ages, I discovered raw talent with a burning passion to explore and expand. As a community I see a real love for the underdog and it seems most everyone I meet has a real sense of who they are. No LA ‘Fluff’ as I like to call it.

fairy-6Everyone in LA is trying to be a something or someone and many have forgotten that the person they are is the somebody they are looking for. Lots of Lost Souls in LA. I’m sure I was a lost soul as well. I guess that’s what got me to the conclusion of chasing happiness. The pressure of looks and never-ending competition does something to a person. On one hand it encourages a fight, a warrior mentality to succeed, and on the other it just destroys a sense of self and selflessness.

So I am excited to think that Willow has a pretty awesome shot at a pretty amazing life here in England!


Now that I get to use food as an inspiration in life I get to look back at my fondest memories in America and pull from those experiences. Barbecue, Fried Catfish, Sweet Pies, amazing Baked Goods from my Mom, and Thanksgiving to name a few. Missouri Life was a life that celebrated a sweet tooth! One of which I definitely have!

The fact that Willow is 50% American and 50% English is so unique to her and important for her to understand. It’s time for me to get to grips with what it is I love from my American Roots and introduce her to the optimistic world I’d like for her to believe in.

Lots of cool stuff is happening in my life. I couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities coming up. I never expected Food to be my next chapter but I am so excited that it is. I have so much to learn and so much to share.


I’m a Missouri born Country Girl inspired by California Clean living. If I had to describe my love of food – that would be it. Now I get to take on all my English Food experiences and create Simple, Fast, Healthy, Tasty Dishes for my Family!

Fitness at the moment is Calisthenics! Max and I have been encouraging each other at the outdoor gym. I love it! Feeling stronger then ever!

(Get the Recipe in the Mail on Sunday this Sunday!)


I added Cheesy Leeks instead of bread

Cheesy Leeks
4 Med. Sized Leeks
30 g. Butter
350 ml. Milk
4 T. Flour (I used Rice Flour)
50 g. Cheddar Cheese

Half Leeks Lengthwise and Long ways and place in baking tray
In Saucepan melt butter, slowly add flour which will create a paste, slowly add the milk and keep stirring, add the cheese
Pour over leeks and bake at 200 C until bubbly and golden on top!

Puree for Baby Willow made from this Recipe!

I diced 1 tomato and a handful of carrot – steamed them both, added a bit of lamb and blended! She loves it. 😀