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Toes in the Sand


So it’s going to be a quick one today because I’ve been so busy travelling, throwing birthday celebrations for the Hubby, being a Mummy and promoting Master Chef Finals (Tonight on BBC1!!) that I haven’t had the time I like to spend on writing my blog.

Kimberly Wyatt on Celebrity MasterChef


toes-2I’m travelling with Willow for the first time this Sunday all the way to New Jersey to visit my Sister and I couldn’t be more excited. It will be the first time Willow rides on a plane and I would be lying if I were to say I wasn’t a little bit nervous if not a bit apprehensive. I must reluctantly admit that I have been that passenger that sulks after settling into a long flight and then see a small baby step on board. Now I am that Mum that has to board and apologize immediately for a screaming baby that may or may not happen. I am quite optimistic that it will be smooth sailing but you just never know do you!? Any tips? Please do share!

But I just can’t miss the chance to see my Sister. Our Grandmother was a huge influence in our lives and watching her house and belongings be auctioned off had a real effect on us both. Losing a loved one is so tough. So knowing she would be in New Jersey and realizing we would have a chance to be together and share a nice big cuddle meant that I had to find the will to make it happen. My Sissy has been one of my biggest inspirations in life. I wanted to be just like her ever since I can remember. Even now I see her as the most amazing Mother to her two little girls and hope that I can be just as great. She crotchets, she scrapbooks, and she shows the girls that she loves them by being there. She stands up for what she believes in and is bold enough to speak her mind.

toes-3My youngest niece, Gracyn is Dyslexic and with that comes challenges at school. The curriculum they are to meet is tough for her because she learns a bit differently to others. I know in my heart that she will be just fine but it’s so tough to think that she might suffer in the slightest. My sister volunteers in her classes and does her best to bring awareness to her differences so that her peers and her teachers may celebrate them. She is even going as far as reaching out to the government to take Dyslexia into consideration when developing a curriculum. With their slogan, ‘no child left behind,’ that should count for ALL children. Love her for that!

So soon I will get to give my two little nieces, Alyson and Gracyn the biggest Aunt Kim hug I can possibly give and watch as they interact with their cousin, Willow. Willow is now crawling and trying to walk. She crawls over to me constantly reaching for my hands so I can help her up to stand and walk around. She is only 7 ½ months!!?? I never expected this so soon! I am so excited to see her stick her little toes in the sand and see her face when she sees the ocean waves lap onto the beach.

This week we did baby yoga together and a baby fitness class. Jane Wake has been an incredible trainer throughout my pregnancy and the fact that she has fitness classes you can bring your baby to is just perfection. I am addicted to my little girl and want to spend as much time with her as possible. I also love introducing her to my world. Seeing her in my yoga studio and holding her hands while I do squats and giving kisses at the bottom of each push up is just lush! Life is good!

Tune in to Master Chef TONIGHT!

Kimberly Wyatt MasterChef