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Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015

I am so, so, so grateful to everyone that watched Master Chef and rooted me on. I have been on cloud nine ever since Winning last night. I celebrated in the best way I know how, spending time with people that I love and answering all the blissful messages I got in support all over social media, in emails and texts. I’ve heard from people I had never heard from previously from school when I was a kid, cast members from cruise ships I once worked on, fellow dancers from LA, and friends and family. I love you all and send massive good vibes back your way!

Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015

Today Max and I met my friend and band mate, Ashley Roberts and her Mom, Peggy, who just happened to be in town in time to see the big win. She is like a second Mom to me in many ways. We all went to one of our favorite Mexican Spots, Crazy Homies, and had a Mexican Food Feast! Willow joined by banging her plastic cup on the table and eating her snacks, grinning and saying DaDa, yup! Her first word! Just happened yesterday as well. She might not know what it means yet but she says DaDa! ? such a Master Chef 2015 Win Bonus!!

Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015

Another huge Bonus is that I made some pretty incredible friendships doing this show. Friendships that I hope continue throughout life. From Sheree Murphy’s infectious laugh to Rylan’s impeccable ability to know and sing the lyrics to every Pussycat Doll and Step song and be able to perform it at any given moment to Sam’s undeniably warm heart. I’m a lucky girl and this trip was extraordinary! Thanks guys, I love all of you! John and Greg pushed me to the limit and every single Chef I worked with, I learned from. Thanks so much for sharing your craft!

Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015

I just got Willow to bed after our very eventful night and celebratory day, packing for my trip this weekend to New Jersey.  Now I’m settling in to spend some quality time with my Husband watching Telly and having a Weekend Favorite – Strawberries and cream!

Strawberries with Honey topped with vanilla infused cream with our ‘red wine’ substitute of full bodies grape juice. Yummy!

Kimberly Wyatt Celebtrity MasterChef Winner 2015

I’ll be on Sunday Brunch tomorrow morning! Please tune in and relive the glory. Haha!! Then I’m off to see my sister and watch Willow stick her toes in the sand and meet the ocean for the very first time!

I am SO excited!

Massive Love to you ALL!! thank you so much for watching and now reading! ?

Time to enjoy my evening and revel in this buzz that I’m feeling! ?????