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Cotton Candy

Cornbury Festival, a Family Festival. The days of Coachella and Burning Man were behind me this weekend at the family festival. It was so clean, practically no litter anywhere in sight. Seemed everyone had enough respect for their surroundings that they actually picked up after themselves! Gone were the days wading through seas of litter and dodging sick. The only sick I was dodging was that of little Willows and that only accumulated to about a spit up. Motherhood sure does make speaking about such things a much more regular occurrence.

16Jul-01It was a conscience festival filled with good foods that taste unbelievable, even the grilled cheese was gourmet. BBQ that was smoked to perfection and melted in my mouth AND they didn’t forget my festival favourite, Cotton Candy, or ‘Candy Floss’ as you call it in the UK. For me, a festival is not a festival unless I’ve had my little girl favorite! It makes me smile a little girl smile and act, well, a bit like a little kid. Max must think I’m bonkers when I see the stuff.

Side note: I just read an article about grapes that taste like Cotton Candy! I love science! As much as ‘messing with nature’ really does scare me, the thought of Cotton Candy being a healthy snack time favorite is just divine! 😛

16Jul-02So there was a real balance of options at Cornbury Festival with quite a few food brands you’d find in a healthy food shop promoting their brands. I don’t know about you but that’s the stuff that makes me buzz, seeing changes in conscience at a commercial level. Eating healthy shouldn’t be taboo, eating processed junk should be. Over farming animals for food should be shamed and making an effort to rebalance the way we interact with Mother Earth should be the duty of every human being. Oops…. I went on a green rant…. I’ll try and stay on topic and keep it about me…. I’m just a celebrity blogger. FOCUS!

Back to Cornbury.

Lots of cool music played. Lulu was great and Tom Jones rocked it! Unfortunately my Mother duties meant I didn’t’ get to stay for ‘What’s New Pussycat’! I’ll never forget our first big performance as The Pussycat Dolls recording group on VH1 Diva’s Live in 2004 performing with Carmen Electra and none other then Tom Jones. Gone are the days of Pussycat Dolls being a burlesque dance troupe of 12+ members and loads of celebrity guests. So much fun! Unfortunately the photos of us with Tom are very limited, I wonder why? Check out Getty Images if you are curious.

Yes, at Cornbury there were lots of family fun activities. Did I mention the food? It was potentially my favorite activity, closely followed by the art, clothes, local organic honey, Joe Lycett in the comedy tent and the positive demeanor by all those that attended.

Willow enjoyed the music tent where she was able to bang drums, ring bells and make sweet, sweet, music. (Forgive my very biased opinion.) Favorite Willow moment was learning some Bangra in the dance tent. The music was a little loud for her so we stayed just outside the tent and had a little boogie together. She even stomped her foot to the beat! It was so unbelievably CUTE! I was filled with a serious amount of Mummy Pride! She came home with an Owl outfit and matching hat, a dinosaur tail, and some art for her wall in her nursery. It was a first festival success for her I think.


Standing in the field with my Husband thinking back to our last festival experience, Burning MAN! If you haven’t heard of Burning Man, it’s an alternative festival in Black Rock City on the playa. The playa can devour shoes in just a few days. It is made of alkali dust and causes playa foot, which is basically a chemical burn if you don’t wear socks and closed shoes. The Playa turns to a mud so brutal when it rains that you can’t drive until it dries and the Wind Storms require you to cover your eyes and mouth with a bandana and goggles. I know I’m not selling it very well but despite the 16Jul-04crazy atmosphere the art installations are breath taking, the temple is life changing, the music is awesome, the light show at night is on another level. There is no light at night and no electricity except for what you bring with you. So big boats like this one would turn into constellations floating through space at night. Mind blowing! The bond I share with my camp over those memories is awesome. Max and I had a surprise engagement party dancing on the tops of RV’s watching the Sun go down playing drums, dancing, and singing. ‘CampHillbilly is the place I wanna be.’
Burning Man changed me. It showed me a Free spirited creativity I wouldn’t have ever known without the sacrifices. Bucket List item CHECK!
Interestingly enough…

Max and I conversed about all of our awesome memories at Burning Man while taking in our new surroundings at a much different sort of festival. We discovered mind-blowing moments in Willow’s first discoveries and a joy just as sweet as our past.

Burning Man Short Film, Oh the places we will go. This is brilliant! This film inspired me to go experience it for myself:

For You: Last night Max and I created a meal together that is pretty tasty, very quick as well.


Sea Bass
Smoked paprika
Coconut milk
Bay leaf

Sweet potato
Cream cheese
Smoked paprika

Bring 1 tin coconut milk to a boil with a bay leaf, chilli, smoked paprika, thyme, and salt. Add the Sea Bass and close lid. Cook for about 6-8 minutes. Add a lemon for squeezing.

Cut your sweet potato into squares, add to pan and bring to boil. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Mash them with 2 Tablespoons cream cheese, Teaspoon Smoked Paprika, Salt, splash of Milk and Honey.

It was so tasty and the sauce was just gorgeous! I’m all about finding ways to make healthy food tasty. To get Max to enjoy Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli is a struggle but we scored with this one.