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I’m DJ’ing at the Sevens in the City event this weekend, well tomorrow, as it’s Friday July 3rd at the moment. It’s my first gig since I had Willow and I’m feeling a bit nervous but what better way to celebrate July 4th in the UK, then with a bunch of Rugby friends and fans while my Husband is in Vegas on a Stag do.

Check out our Stag-friend, Matt Peacock, on a Stag-Challenge to dress as the ‘So Money…’ Commercial. It’s EPIC! haha!! #DontCha #PussycatDolls #PCD

While the Husband is away, this Pussycat will play…. TUNES!!


I love my House Music and I LOVE when you see someone’s face light up because you pick a tune they share the same love for. It’s like full conversations of ‘Yes, this tune is epic’ all in one look, a finger point or a thumbs up, or in my House Clubs ‘flipping the bird’ seems to be sign language for ‘you totally get me and I love you for it.’ Not even kidding…. totally put me off at first but then realized it was the sign of utmost mutual music respect. Cheers guys! Birds all around!

My contemporary dance inspires this relationship with and love for Dance Music. I love the way it makes me feel when I dance; it’s what my body was made for.

The inspirations that got me to this point were Moby, his music introduced me to Electro and The Postal Service furthered that love. The two other times I’ve been changed from new sounds was when Ashley Roberts introduced me to Portishead and when I heard Sia’s song Breathe Me on the radio for the first time. I was driving through the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles and by the time I got to Hollywood Blvd I had to pull over and have a moment. It was beautiful and touched me deep in my soul. While on tour with the Pussycat Dolls it was ‘World, Hold On’ by Bob Sinclair that became a tune of my life’s Soundtrack. So many moments with my Dolls getting ready to go out and perform to sold out crowds around the World to that song. 1, 2, 3…PCD!

Tonight I will be playing some fun loving pop like Taylor Swift, Shake it Off and Flo-Rida featuring Robin Thicke, I Don’t like it I love it and then dropping into some of my faves like Fester Skank by Lethal Bizzle, Lean On by Major Lazer and I’m itching for Fifth Harmony, I’m Worth It, to be released! THAT is the track of the summer! There is nothing quite like Dj’ing. Knowing you are in control of the room and the party and YOU get to make other people DANCE by the touch, twist, and/or slide of a few knobs, faders, and filters. I Love it! 😀

BONUS: I get to create and have my own little DANCE PARTY at the decks and dance with everyone to the music that makes me shake my bum, wiggle my shoulders, and toss my hair. It’s Mummy’s night out. 😛

I’ve Dj’ed and danced with so many rooms and huge festival crowds of people over the past year and a half. We’ve shared a boogie and a dance, and a moment to remember. Thanks to anyone reading that has come to a gig and enjoyed my set. Fingers crossed we’ll share a few more!

I’ve been lucky!

DJ-2I have lived and continue to live a life doing what I’m most passionate about. Whether I’m singing, choreographing, judging, cooking, DJ’ing… I’m always dancing. The ruler of my life is rhythm and movement. It keeps me happy, calms my nerves, and allows me to live my dream performing on stage. I even find that it calms Willow and makes her smile. We bond through dance. Whether I’m singing Twinkle, Twinkle and swaying her to sleep or playing her favorite song, Groove is in the Heart and having a dance party by my decks at home or even doing a bit of Mummy and Baby Yoga to the newest Café Del Mar album, we love to move together. I think the fact that I DJ’ed, danced, and worked out through my pregnancy might have something to do with it. Dance and movement is what she knows. She even made a few stage debuts in my belly doing Gay Pride events in Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, and her first television performance at 6 months inside my belly for Got To Dance. Her CV is already quite impressive! Lol! Gotta start ‘em early! j/k

It was such a different experience getting ready for this DJ gig. Tougher then I imagined, I felt a bit apprehensive about being a Mum and getting back on the decks… could I still do it? Would I still have what it takes? Am I still able to beat match and mix? Would I still be able to put together a track list that people are into or has my life of lullabies, children’s songs, and Motherhood taken over and crushed my cool music bug!?

Does becoming a Mum mean that I can no longer do the things I used to?

I’m happy to say now, after having a freaking awesome gig playing right after the legend that is Seb Fontaine that being a Mum makes it that much more enjoyable and my former DJ self is still in tact!!! Woo Hoo!!

I want to be a good example to Willow.


For me, that means living a passionate life that I enjoy. It means working on my own personal Happiness every single day and making an effort to create healthy habits in the household.

It’s such a privilege to be a Mother. It’s exciting to get to make choices about what sort of upbringing Willow will have and what we will teach her as parents.

  • Be kind to this World we live on
  • Share a balance with ALL living things
  • Wellbeing
  • Fitness
  • Sustainability
  • Solar Energy
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Grow Food
  • Source Food
  • Reduce Waste

These are the buzzwords that I feel hold great significance to the next generation.

I want my Happily Ever After… to fuel new possibilities in Willow’s World. I often get quite upset that green issues are somewhat brushed to the side during political debates as if they are wish washy topics. It boggles my brain that so much time and effort is given to discussing productivity, capital gain, jobs and economy which, don’t get me wrong, are all extremely important but what boggles my mind is that a green initiative isn’t at the core of every topic. Seems changing the World is a problem left to the people. Fair enough, I do take that challenge and I am working on my Buzzwords in my life for my family but charitable acts that bring better balance to the World we live in shouldn’t be political taboos.

I certainly don’t have all the answers… I potentially don’t even have AN answer. But I love Gandhi’s quote ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world,’ and I hope Willow loves it just as much as I do one day.

To Love

To Grow

To Evolve

To Sustain a Healthy Appetite for Happiness.